Monday, January 25, 2016

Sign on their Forehead

And I saw another angel ascending from the rising of the sun, having the sign of the living God; and he cried with a loud voice to the four angels, to whom it was given to hurt the earth and the sea, Saying: Hurt not the earth, nor the sea, nor the trees, till we sign the servants of our God in their foreheads.  (Revelation 7:4)

According to Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich, Jesus spoke of those that would receive the Seal of the Living God before the end of the world.

When they should have received the Holy Ghost, then they would always know what they should do. He addressed some words to Peter on the subject of penance and absolution, and afterward spoke to them all about the end of the world and of the signs that would precede it. A man enlightened by God would have visions on that subject. By these words, Jesus referred to John's revelations, and He Himself made use of several similar illustrations. He spoke, for instance, of those that would be marked with the sign on their forehead, and said that the fountain of living water which flowed from Calvary's mount would at the end of the world appear to be almost entirely poisoned, though all the good waters would finally be gathered into the Valley of Jehoshaphat.

Some prophets of old had distinctive marks on their forehead. There are traditions in the East of marking the forehead with a single dot in the Bindi decoration worn for various occasions or a triangle of dots marked on the bride and groom in a Buddhist wedding. Of course Roman Catholics anoint a newly baptized with sacred oil on the forehead in the sign of the Cross and we cross the forehead with ashes at the beginning of Lent.

This is all very intuitive. The mark relates to the Prefrontal cortex, a crucial brain-organ which is responsible for what they term executive function. Executive function is an abstract concept nesting together all sorts of brain works that the Prefrontal cortex is responsible for such as to differentiate among conflicting thoughts, determine good and evil, better and best, same and different, future consequences of current actions, working toward a defined goal, prediction of outcomes, expectation based on actions, and social "control" (the ability to suppress urges that, if not suppressed, could lead to socially unacceptable outcomes). So you see there is a moral as well as a sort of predictive relations nested into the work of the Prefrontal cortex. This brain region is also crucial for interpreting reality. Just last year, neuroscientists discovered that lymph vessels run up through the brain even to the Prefrontal cortex, connecting the brain to the immune system. It is said that most humans do not fully develop their Prefrontal cortex until their mid twenties.

These to me are interesting connections. Assuming Faith, the Spirit must stimulate the Prefrontal cortex, preveniently and gratuitously, so that one may act Divine, as a matter of course especially for any Christian but also everyone. The belief that many will be signed on the forehead before the end of the world with a miraculous Cross would seem to suggest that these would have moral and prophetic charisms, maybe even a healing charism, which will be used to help direct, convert, save from calamities, and heal . . . many.  Perhaps those of the East might respond to this miraculous sign more keenly, leading them into the Universal Church.

I think the Seal of the Living God will be a miraculous cruciform stigmata or wound imparted on the forehead. Perhaps it will bleed once a week as a memorial of Jesus' Passion and Death. There is this holy and mystical priest from the Diocese of Krk, Croatia named Zlatko Sudac who seems to be pre-sealed. He has a miraculous cruciform wound on his forehead. Some have speculated that he might be the figure in Catholic prophecy known as the Angelic Shepherd. So perhaps this Seal is soon coming for those it is destined to be imparted to.

We need this gift, even if we don't deserve it.

The Generation of Peace

And then peace will be made, and man will be reconciled with God. Jesus Christ will be served, worshiped and glorified. Charity will flourish everywhere. The new kings will be the right arm of the holy Church, which will be strong, humble, and pious in its poor but fervent imitation of the virtues of Jesus Christ. The Gospel will be preached everywhere and mankind will make great progress in its faith, for there will be unity among the workers of Jesus Christ and man will live in fear of God.

This peace among men will be short-lived. Twenty-five years of plentiful harvests will make them forget that the sins of men are the cause of all the troubles on this earth.  (Mary to Melanie at La Salette)

. . . 
And this Gospel of the kingdom shall be preached throughout the entire world, as a testimony to all nations. And then the consummation will occur. (Matthew 24:14)

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Jeremiah Chapter 30

So here is what the LORD has to say about Israel and Judah.
Yes, here is what he says:
“You hear cries of panic and of terror;
there is no peace in sight.
​​​​​​​Ask yourselves this and consider it carefully:
Have you ever seen a man give birth to a baby?
Why then do I see all these strong men
grabbing their stomachs in pain like a woman giving birth?
And why do their faces
turn so deathly pale?
​​​​​​​Alas, what a terrible time of trouble it is!
There has never been any like it.
It is a time of trouble for the descendants of Jacob,
but some of them will be rescued out of it.
​​​​​​​When the time for them to be rescued comes,”
says the LORD who rules over all,
“I will rescue you from foreign subjugation.
I will deliver you from captivity.
Foreigners will then no longer subjugate them.
But they will be subject to the LORD their God
and to the Davidic ruler whom I will raise up as king over them.
​​​​​​​So I, the LORD, tell you not to be afraid,
you descendants of Jacob, my servants.
Do not be terrified, people of Israel.
For I will rescue you and your descendants
from a faraway land where you are captives.
The descendants of Jacob will return to their land and enjoy peace.
They will be secure and no one will terrify them.
​​​​​​​For I, the LORD, affirm that
I will be with you and will rescue you.
I will completely destroy all the nations where I scattered you.
But I will not completely destroy you.
I will indeed discipline you, but only in due measure.
I will not allow you to go entirely unpunished.”

Moreover, the LORD says to the people of Zion,
“Your injuries are incurable;
your wounds are severe.
​​​​​​​There is no one to plead your cause.
There are no remedies for your wounds.
There is no healing for you.
​​​​​​​All your allies have abandoned you.
They no longer have any concern for you.
For I have attacked you like an enemy would.
I have chastened you cruelly.
For your wickedness is so great
and your sin is so much.
​​​​​​​Why do you complain about your injuries,
that your pain is incurable?
I have done all this to you
because your wickedness is so great
and your sin is so much.
​​​​​​​But all who destroyed you will be destroyed.
All your enemies will go into exile.
Those who plundered you will be plundered.
I will cause those who pillaged you to be pillaged.
​​​​​​​Yes, I will restore you to health.
I will heal your wounds.
I, the LORD, affirm it!
For you have been called an outcast,
"Zion, whom no one cares for.”

The LORD says,
“I will restore the ruined houses of the descendants of Jacob.
I will show compassion on their ruined homes.
Every city will be rebuilt on its former ruins.
Every fortified dwelling will occupy its traditional site.
​​​​​​​Out of those places you will hear songs of thanksgiving
and the sounds of laughter and merriment.
I will increase their number and they will not dwindle away.
I will bring them honor and they will no longer be despised.
​​​​​​​The descendants of Jacob will enjoy their former privileges.
Their community will be reestablished in my favor
and I will punish all who try to oppress them.
​​​​​​​One of their own people will be their leader.
Their ruler will come from their own number.
I will invite him to approach me, and he will do so.
For no one would dare approach me on his own.
I, the LORD, affirm it!
​​​​​​​Then you will again be my people
and I will be your God.

​​​​​​​Just watch! The wrath of the LORD
will come like a storm.
Like a raging storm it will rage down
on the heads of those who are wicked.
​​​​​​​The anger of the LORD will not turn back
until he has fully carried out his intended purposes.
In days to come you will come to understand this.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Saint Francis of Paola Prophecies

These are among the greatest private prophecies of the New Testament era.  Saint Francis of Paola was a lofty saint.  Famous for his miracles, spirit of prophecy, and love of animals.  He founded a new religious order, and had many adventures through his long life.  He is the patron saint of boatmen, mariners and naval officers.  He even has a beer named after him.

I still marvel at these prophecies.  Apparently, this mysterious Lord of Montalto was having problems conceiving with his wife.  And he gets this prophetic response from Saint Francis of Paola.  This great leader who Saint Francis prophecies is usually regarded as synonymous with this Great Catholic Monarch of prophecy who some other Saints and Mystics predicted.  But Saint Francis does not use the name "Great Monarch" in his description.  As you will see he uses many other superlatives.

Toward the end of the second letter he asks a rhetorical question as to when all these events will happen and he mentions when "the crosses with stigmas will be seen . . .  These I think refer to the Seal of the Living God predicted in the Book of Revelation.  The Great Monarch and some of his followers will have the Seal on their forehead which will be a miraculous cruciform stigmata.  Of course him having this in public will have all sorts of consequences, and it like many of the charisms given to saints is a gift which will help others.  This Great Monarch will also have other gifts like that of reading hearts so as to help accomplish his great mission.

Letters of St. Francis of Paola (1470)

From your lordship, (Simeon de Limena, Lord of Montalto), shall be born the great leader of the holy militia of the Holy Spirit, which shall overcome the world, and shall possess the earth so completely that no king or lord shall be able to exist, except he belongs to the sacred host of the Holy Spirit.

These devout men shall wear on their breasts, and much more within their hearts, the sign of the living God, namely, the cross.

The first members of this holy order shall be natives of the city of ... where iniquity, vice, and sin abound. However, they shall be converted from evil to good; from rebels against God they shall become most fervent and most faithful in His divine service. That city shall be cherished by God and by the Great Monarch, the elect and the beloved of the Most High Lord. For the sake of that place all holy souls who have done penance in it shall pray in the sight of God for that city and for its inhabitants. When the time shall come of the immense and most right justice of the Holy Spirit, His Divine Majesty wills that such city become converted to God, and that many of its citizens follow the great prince of the holy army. The first person that will openly wear the sign of the living God shall belong to that city, because he will through a letter be commanded by a holy hermit to have it impressed in his heart and to wear it externally on his breast.

That man will begin to meditate on the secrets of God, about the long visitation which the Holy Spirit will make and the dominion that he will exercise over the world through the holy militia. Oh happy man, who shall receive from the Most High the greatest privileges! He will interpret the hidden secrets of the Holy Spirit, and he shall often excite the admiration of men by his revealed knowledge of the internal secrets of their hearts. Rejoice, my Lord, because that Prince above other princes, and King over other kings, will hold you in the greatest veneration, and after having been crowned with three most admirable crowns, will exalt that city, will declare it free, and the seat of the Empire, and it shall become one of the first cities in the world.

. . .

You and your consort desire to have children; you shall have them. Your holy offspring shall be admired upon earth. Among your descendants there will be one who shall be like the sun amidst the stars, he shall be a first-born son; in his childhood he will be like a saint; in his Youth, a great sinner; then he will be converted entirely to God and will do great penance, his sins will be forgiven him, and he shall become a great saint.

He shall be a great captain and prince of holy men, who shall be called 'the holy Cross Bearers of Jesus Christ,' with whom he shall destroy the Mahometan sect and the rest of the infidels. He shall annihilate all the heresies and tyrannies of the world. He shall reform the Church of God by means of his followers, who shall be the best men upon earth in holiness, in arms, in science, and in every virtue, because such is the will of the Most High. They shall obtain the dominion of the whole world, both temporal and spiritual, and they shall support the Church of God until the end of time.

God Almighty will exalt a very poor man of the blood of the Emperor Constantine, son of St. Helena and of the seed of Pepin, who shall on his breast wear the sign which you have seen at the beginning of this letter (a red Cross). Through the power of the Most High he shall confound the tyrants, the heretics, and infidels. He will gather a grand army, and the angels shall fight for them; they shall kill all God's enemies.

From the beginning of the world, after the creation of man, and to the end of human generation, there have been and there shall be seen wonderful events upon the earth. Four hundred years shall not pass when his Divine Majesty shall visit the world with a new religious order much needed, which shall effect more good among men than all other religious institutions combined. This religious order shall be the last and the best in the Church; it shall proceed with arms, with prayer, and with hospitality. Woe to tyrants, to heretics, and to infidels, to whom no pity shall be shown, because such is the will of the Most High! An infinite number of wicked men shall perish through the hands of the Cross Bearers, the true servants of Jesus Christ. They shall act like good husbandmen when they extirpate noxious weeds and prickly thistles from the wheat field. These holy servants of God shall purify the earth with the deaths of innumerable wicked men.

How spiritually blind are those persons who, having no thought about the things of God, fix their end in earthly objects. Wretched men! by far worse than the very beasts which are guided by their senses, because they cannot have reason; but when men abandon the use of their reason, they become brutalized. Hence they shall ever be in confusion. Let, therefore, the princes of this world be prepared for the greatest scourges to fall upon them. But from whom? First from heretics and infidels, then from the holy and most faithful Cross Bearers elected by the Most High, who, not succeeding in converting heretics with science, shall have to make a vigorous use of their arms. Many cities and villages shall be in ruins, with the deaths of an innumerable quantity of bad and good men. The infidels also will fight against Christians and heretics, sacking, destroying, and killing the largest portion of Christians. Lastly, the army, styled 'of the Church,' namely, the holy Cross Bearers, shall move, not against Christians or Christianity, but against the infidels in pagan countries, and they shall conquer all those kingdoms with the death of a very great number of infidels. After this they shall turn their victorious arms against bad Christians, and shall destroy all the rebels against Jesus Christ. These holy Cross Bearers shall reign and dominate holily over the world until the end of time. The founder of these holy men shall, my lord, be one of your posterity. But when shall this take place? When crosses with the stigmas shall be seen, and the crucifix shall be carried as the standard.

The time is coming when his Divine Majesty will visit the world with a new religious order of holy Cross Bearers, who will carry a Crucifix, or the image of our Crucified Lord, lifted up upon the principal standard in view of all. This standard will be admired by all good Catholics; but at the beginning it will be derided by bad Christians and by infidels. Their sneers shall, however, be changed into mourning when they shall witness the wonderful victories achieved through it against tyrant, heretics, and infidels. Many wicked men and obstinate rebels against God shall perish: their souls will be plunged into hell. This punishment shall fall upon all those transgressors of the Divine commandments who with new and false doctrines will attempt to corrupt mankind and turn men against the ministers of God's worship. The same chastisement is due to all obstinate sinners, but not to those who sin through weakness, because these being converted, doing penance, and amending the conduct of their life, shall find the divine mercy of the Most High full of kindness towards them.  Oh holy Cross Bearers of the Most High Lord, how very pleasing you will be to the great God much more than the children of Israel! God will, through your instrumentality, work more wonderful prodigies than he has ever done before with any nation. You shall destroy the sect of Mahomet, and all infidels of every kind and of every sect. You shall put an end to all the heresies of the world by extinguishing all tyrants. You will remove every cause of complaint by establishing a universal peace, which shall last until the end of time. You will work the sanctification of mankind. Oh holy men: People blessed of the Most Holy Trinity! Your victorious founder shall triumph over the world, the flesh, and the Devil.

. . .

One of your posterity shall achieve greater deeds and work greater wonders than your lordship. That man will be a great sinner in his youth, but like St. Paul he shall be drawn and converted to God. He shall be the great founder of a new religious order different from all the others. He shall divide it into three classes, namely:

1. Military knights;
2. Solitary priests;
3. Most pious hospitallers.

This shall be the last religious order in the Church, and it will do more good for our holy religion than all other religious institutes. By force of arms he shall take possession of a great kingdom. He shall destroy the sect of Mahomet, extirpate all tyrants and heresies. He shall bring the world to a holy mode of life. There will be one fold and one Shepherd. He shall reign until the end of time. On the whole earth there shall be only twelve kings, one emperor, and one pope. Rich gentlemen shall be very few, but all saints. May Jesus Christ be praised and blessed; for He has vouched to grant to me, a poor unworthy sinner, the spirit of prophecy, not in an obscure way as to His other servants, but has enabled me to write and to speak in a most clear manner. I know that unbelieving and reprobate persons will scoff at my letters and will reject them; but they will be received by those faithful Catholic souls who aspire to the possession of heaven. These letters shall infuse such sweetness of divine love in their hearts, that they will be delighted in perusing them often, and in taking copies of them, because such is the will of the Most High. In these letters it will be found out who belongs to our Blessed Lord Jesus Christ and who does not, who is a predestinate or a reprobate. Much better will this be known through the holy sign of the living God. He shall be a saint of God who will take it, love it, and wear it.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Black Sea Prophecy by Saint Cataldus

Saint Cataldus was a native of Ireland who lived in the sixth century. His original Irish name is Cathal. As the story goes, he started out as a monk in thriving Catholic Ireland, established a monastery and was elevated to the order of Bishop in a place not far from Lismore called Rathcau or Rathan. However he longed for more solitude and so decided to take a pilgrimage to Jerusalem. On the return voyage he was shipwrecked on the Southern Coast of Italy. Having seen the inhabitants had reverted to pagan practices he decided to stay there and they soon made him bishop of this city called Taranto. Interestingly, Taranto is an ancient city originally founded by the Spartans and has continued to this day as an important commercial port and hub of the Italian naval base.

During his reign as Bishop he was famous for his miracles and it is even said to have miraculously protected Taranto from the plague and floods while still alive. His popularity in this city and surroundings lasts to this day. The basilica of Taranto is named after him, and he is patron saint to other surrounding areas. In 1071, his body was exhumed in reconstruction of the cathedral and a gold cross was found on him with his name and the word Rathcau.

In addition to all his fame and miracles there is a scintillating prophecy attributed to him whose subject is this figure we can call the Great Monarch. Here is the script as recopied and passed down through many Catholic generations:

The Great Monarch will be in war till he is 40 years of age; a King of the House of Lily, he will assemble great armies and expel tyrants from his empire. He will conquer England and other island empires. Greece he will invade and be made king thereof. Clochis, Cypris, the Turks and barbarians he will subdue and have all men to worship the Crucified One. He will at length lay down his crown in Jerusalem.  ---(Fr. Gerald Culleton, The Prophets and Our Times, p. 125.)

I call this prophecy the Black Sea Prophecy. Between the lines of all prophecies written of the Great Monarch by Saints and Mystics one could conceive that he will take all of Europe, and at least the Middle East. But this one has an interesting association of Greece, Turkey (represented by the Turks), and Georgia (Clochis). The land of these three nations roughly form the southern seaboard of the Black Sea.

"Black Sea map" by Created by User:NormanEinstein - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons -

Turkey, with the Bosphorus Straits, Sea of Marmara, and borders with Greece, Syria, Iraq, Iran, and the Caucasus is of course a crucial location of untold strategic value in affairs of the nations.  It always has been and remains so to this day.  It serves as a gateway to the Aegean and ultimately Mari Nostrum, as well as to the Middle Eastern or to European lands pending which direction one faces.  It is THE crossroad.  With this in mind the Black Sea Prophecy of Saint Cataldus is significant and perhaps can clue us in on the movements as well as the allies of this Great Monarch forecast to eventually rise up.

In 2015, we see an escalation of crisis in Eastern European, and Middle Eastern nations.  There is of course the war in Syria, which the Russians, led by Putin, have virtuously intervened and supported the Syrian Arab Army in their fight against ISIS and other terror groups.  In their quest, Turkey foolishly shot down a Russian Su--24 which led to tension with Turkey.  This tension is delicate because Russia needs free access to the Mediterranean via Bosphorus.  They responded by economic sanctions.  And soon later it was exposed that elite in Turkey helped support illegal oil trade by ISIS, and of course Turkey has served as a gateway for new militants to join ISIS (and other terror groups) in Syria as well as to pour in weapons, supplies and such.  The Turkish deep state is corrupt and evil.  It seems that Turkey is allying itself with Sunni nations to expand its borders.  We've also seen Putin led Russia having to deal with the uprising of Neo-Nazis and corrupt Kiev government in the Donbass region which is North of the Black Sea as well as trouble with the Crimea annexation.

What is clear at this point is that Putin and Russia are rising on the international stage.  Putin is admired the world over by his brilliant politics and virtues in spite of mistakes.  And it seems that Russia is slowly improving and even becoming more Christian while the Western nations are becoming less and less Christian and moral. Of all nations, Russia seems the most concerned and stalwart about preserving Christian culture as well as all culture and peace in Syria and the Middle East as well as rooting out ISIS, all while not bowing down to foul and greedy interests of the U.S., NATO, and their allies in the Middle East.    

So why do I mention Russia in this context?  Of course Russia has a significant portion of the Black Sea's northern seaboard and eventually they will hopefully have Crimea secured.  Perhaps in the future this Great Catholic Monarch will be supported by and allied with Russia.  He will have to have the support of some superpower and I am convinced that it will not be the greedy U.S.  The U.S. deep state is among the most evil organizations in history.  From the terror attacks of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the two greatest terror attacks in history, individuals and organizations in the U.S. government have been involved in untold evil across the world up to the present day.  Personally I would never ally with the U.S. government and military.  That aside, even from a logistics view it would be impossible for the Great Monarch to ally with the U.S., although I don't rule out the possibility that some men from the U.S. would join his religious order (predicted by Saint Francis of Paola).  

So how I tend to read this prophecy is that perhaps the Great Monarch will first attack from the Black Sea with Russia at his back.  If he takes the lands of the Southern, Western and Eastern seaboard of the Black Sea first, this will put him in an exceptional position to complete his mission with the aim of peace and justice in an immense kingdom spanning Europe, the Middle East and perhaps North Africa.  From the Balkans, Greece, Turkey, and Georgia he could get endless support from Russia and move on several fronts including land and sea.  Russia would also benefit from this conquest because of their increasing troubles and escalation with the Ukraine and Turkey as well as NATO.

So we shall see.  A key is which superpower will pledge themselves to the Great Monarch.  As events unfold today, I'm leaning more and more toward the opinion that Russia will do so, and that this will benefit them in the long run in their troubles with the U.S., NATO, Ukraine, Turkey and so on.  This of course would be immensely significant and may even open the door to other important alliances for the Great Monarch.  All is not as it may seem.    

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Ven. Bartholomew Holzhauser on the Great Monarch

Venerable Bartholomew Holzhauser was a German priest who lived in the first half of the 17th century. He penned some prophecies as well as an interpretation of the Book of Revelation.

Below are a couple quotes mined out from his writings in regards of the Great Catholic Monarch.  I will use these for some brainstorms:

The powerful Monarch, who is sent from God, will uproot every Republic. He will submit everything to this authority and he will show great zeal for the true church of Christ. The empire of the Mohammedans will be broken up and the monarch will reign in the east as well as in the west. (Venerable Bartholomew Holzhauser)  

What I want to emphasize from this is that it Bartholomew clearly states that he will uproot republics which I would assume are in the West. I don't know which definition of republic Holzhauser had in mind, but I suppose we can just make this synonymous with any manner of modern government across Europe. It is also implied that he will take out Islamic governments, whether they are states, republics or monarchies.  (Mohammedan Empire to include the Middle East and Northern Africa). He will also take Israel.  But the point is that there are two fronts, West and East.

I cannot conceive a possible East vs. West narrative, not even prior to the rise of the Great Monarch.  I am one to think that this long predicted World War III will never happen.  Instead we will continue to get these complex proxy wars, a general nation rising up against nation, an increase in terror attacks, increase in government control, civil unrest, the famine and so on.  These serve as the health of the State, and also the transnational banks and corporations, especially the arms dealers.  And yet it seems the world is way too complex for a two sided line them up conventional war as of now.  Who would ally with who???  

There are other Saints and Mystics as well as eschatological commentators who seem to try to conceive a Christian vs. Muslim, or East vs. West or clash of civilization narratives, but perhaps they are or were conceiving incorrectly for a variety of reasons.  I think these are false narratives.  Eschatologically speaking the only war I believe in is the Great Catholic Monarch's war, which will come like a thief in the night.  And he might get support from unseen allies, for example perhaps Russia.  

Almost all governments under the Sun are severely corrupt.  Most seem intimately interconnected with a few exceptions for example Russia tends to be a bit isolated as well as Iran, for Iran has repelled shadow conquest by the U.S., NATO and so on.  Even so governments, and by extension corporations, banks, foundations, all those in high places seem to be woven in this indissoluble web. During the little Tribulation, God will not favor those governments of East or of West. Neither set will conquer the other via their military.  He will humiliate them all, without prejudice.  To both West, as well as East, it will be humiliating for their members of governments, corporations, banks, elite think-tanks and foundations, etc. to be taken out by this man anointed by God and descended from royal Europeans with a following like the stars of the sky.  I also imagine that the Great Monarch will dissolve and dispel all U.S. bases from what will become his kingdom which would include Saudi Arabia and all the Gulf States, Iraq, Turkey, Afghanistan, the horn of Africa.  These locations have become hubs for the U.S. military which has caused a lot of trouble throughout these regions.  And of course NATO will be dissolved to the great honor of this Great Monarch.  

His kingdom as Holzhauser mentions includes both the East and West, say roughly Middle East, Europe including all those that participate in NATO (not including Russia, for Russia I assume will back the GCM) and perhaps North Africa.  His conquest will probably be more humiliating for those of West, than for those of the East.  I tend to imagine that the Middle Eastern inhabitants will admire him more than the European ones because he will bring them the long desired peace and he will be a mystic wrapped in mystique.

The Sixth Age of the Spirit commences with the powerful Monarch and the Holy Pontiff as previously mentioned and will last until the appearance of the Antichrist This sixth epoch of the church – “the time of consolation” begins with the Holy Pope and the Powerful Emperor and terminates with the reign of Antichrist. (Ven. Bartholomew Holzhauser)

In his writings, Bartholomew also mentions the fifth and sixth ages of the Church, which I think correspond with the Church of Sardis and Church of Philadelphia in Revelation.  In the Book of Revelation, Jesus addresses the Popes who lead successive multiple generations of Christians nested into seven.  The seven cities of antiquity are models for the successive generations of Christians.  Right now we are in between the twilight of the fifth age and dawn of the sixth age, or in other words, the Church of Sardis is withering and Philadelphia is shooting. The little Tribulation which Jesus officiates by breaking the seals will transform the Church into Philadelphia.  Then there will be a genuine peace in the world for a generation.  Later Antichrist rises up after several successive generations of Philadelphia. And last around that time the Church of Laodicea rises up.

I unreservedly believe and expect this Great Monarch to appear and accomplish what is said of him within a generation or so. There are many other prophecies and ideas in regards to this Great Monarch but I just wanted to focus on these two main points above for this post:

Two Fronts---East and West
The Church of Sardis (fifth age) vs. the Church of Philadelphia (sixth age)